Introduction to JProfiler

There are basically 3 types of profiling: time – measures the execution paths of your application on the method level space – gives you insight into the development of the heap, such as which methods allocate most memory thread – these analyze thread synchronization issues Some traditional profilers dump their profiling data after the application exits. JProfiler is […]

Dependency Injection

Inversion of control – IoC – is a concept, and an associated set of programming techniques. In the traditional interaction model of an application, the programmer specifies a series of events to happen by making a series of function calls. eg. a programme which takes a name from the command line and displays it back would follow this model, […]

All About Filters

Filters are java components you can use to intercept and process requests before they are sent to the servlet, or to process responses after the servlet has completed (before the response is sent to the client). They are one of the most powerful tools you can use in a web application and are well-suited to […]

Use Google Adsense and WordPress

WordPress makes a good basis for a new online company that uses Google Adsense because it makes it easy to earn money online. WordPress is a combination of a Content Management System and a platofrm from which you can start a blog. WordPress makes it quick and simple to manage the contents of your blog […]

The Most Profitable Adsense Keywords

Six Steps To Choosing The Most Profitable Adsense Keywords For Truly Great Income Opportunities Knowing the steps to finding the choicest keywords for your Adsense ads (one of the choicest income opportunities) is not straightforward. The key to getting the maximum Adsense profits is to find and implement high profit, low competition keywords in your […]

Professional Development with Drupal

Drupal has quickly revolutionized the web based community CMS applications. With it’s large community of developers and it’s extremely flexible nature, Drupal can help your organization quickly create a new website, or migrate an existing one. The lure of Drupal, (and Open Source in general), is to dramatically reduce costs (both at the project inception […]

Great Money Making Ideas

Creating Niche-based Websites for Google’s Adsense Program The process of online money making has been simplified for small time niche website owner. There are numerous online money making methods. Many of these methods require you to get people to reach into their pockets and pull out their credit cards. It is difficult to motivate purchases […]

Enterprise Drupal

What is Enterprise Drupal? Drupal is a very powerful Open Source Web CMS (content management system). It allows very rapid development of social websites. However, its flexibility can also be its downfall. The ‘Stack’ required to run a website requires careful consideration and design if you wish your site to scale to a high volume, […]