Amazing Website Footers

The newest trend in great website design is the implementation of the site footer. The footer is slowly becoming as important to the layout of the website as the header is. Back in the day this was just blank space with links or some general content, but now there is images and it is visually […]

Amazing Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is now an established part of business life and is a requirement if you plan on reaching more visitors then you would normally be able to reach with regular SEO techniques. Twitter has become an essential part of people’s lives. These people include freelancers to top Fortune 500 company CEOs. Everyone is wanting to […]


Do you want to get benefits from a software testing profession? This is a good question….firstly you should find out if you have a certain type of personality to complete software testing. You need to be organized, logical and thorough. You will be writing test cases determined by business and functional requirements. Once you’ve implemented […]


In order to get started online with your business or start a personal blog you need to purchase hosting from a reliable hosting company. There are virtually millions of hosting companies that offer domain name registration, email accounts, database use, and cloud hosting. Which one is the best for you? Well, we hope to give […]


On first glance, this topic may seem extremely simple and obvious. You have to balance quality of the image and file size of the media to suite your site and its audience. Duh. However, this idea in itself is surprisingly not understood or practiced well on most websites. Certain small and unimportant graphics will have […]


How many older generation geeks have played Nintendo games when they were kids? Probably almost every visitor to this blog. You have played and loved your old NES system and regularly think about it again….but alas, you probably threw it out to replace it with the new systems that all the cool kids had to […]


There’s a simple basic rule in any kind of marketing – Creative marketing creates success. The top products in the world are the result of creative marketing, new ideas and better ideas applied to all aspects of marketing from advertising to merchandising. Everything from web design to discounting deals forms part of the creative marketing […]

How to Pick a Domain Name

Let me start with defining what a domain name actually is. A domain name is the name of your website. Once upon a time, when the Internet started out, web addresses were actually numbers and not actual names. Since computers talk in hexadecimal coding everything was numbers. So for your website address could be something […]