In order to get started online with your business or start a personal blog you need to purchase hosting from a reliable hosting company. There are virtually millions of hosting companies that offer domain name registration, email accounts, database use, and cloud hosting. Which one is the best for you? Well, we hope to give you a few options you may not have known about or you may have heard about yet never investigated. Use our handy list below to find the hosting company that is perfect for you.

Not all hosting companies are created equal. You have some big name players that offer very low and competitive prices but fail to provide good IT support when you need it. You have expensive companies that provide you with the best hosting money can buy but you cannot afford to pay them based on your small business budget. You have to find out the good and bad points in dealing with a hosting company. You have to find that balance of price vs support.

Whether you are just starting a business online or replacing your current hosting provider, starting a personal blog, or you are looking for application hosting for your new iPhone or Android app you have to find a good company that will not only give you a good price but will support you after they have your money. Personally we recommend Siteground since we have used them for years and have never had an issue with our websites.

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