Amazing Website Footers

//Amazing Website Footers

Amazing Website Footers

The newest trend in great website design is the implementation of the site footer. The footer is slowly becoming as important to the layout of the website as the header is. Back in the day this was just blank space with links or some general content, but now there is images and it is visually appealing. In this article we showcase some of the greatest footer designs from around the internet.

A footer can be there with no purpose other then to make the website flow better from start to finish, or it can give the visitor good information like copyrights, extra links, and blog rolls. The following websites use the footer to accentuate their theme and to keep the viewer entertained all the way through. They are great in the way they give the viewer a little extra bang for the buck.

We found these websites easily by looking for the best footers on the internet, but we could have missed one. If you see that we do not have one please list it in the comments below and we will try to add it. These inspiring footers may help you come up with your own design, if you have a good one, then drop us a line and we may include it in the next article we have for great footers. Enjoy the article.

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