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Internet Timeline

Have you ever wondered what this thing you are playing on is? The internet has a long, well, not long, but long enough history that not many know about. Starting in 1969 with the ARPA we have come a long way. We have had our ups and downs and ups and downs, but mostly ups….unless you owned internet stock in the 90s, then you may have experienced more downs then most.

In this article we show a timeline of hte internet. Starting at it beginning, NOT with Al Gore, but with the launch of Sputnik. Ok, that part is not mentioned in the article but ARPA was a direct result of the Sputnik launch. You may not know this but the internet was not always a Facebook, Myspace, iTunes world….it used to actually help people work rather then not. Spam wasn’t even an issue back then, oh the good ole days.

I think I will go back and revamp the timeline to include work productivity charts as well as internet usage to conincide with the timeline to give my visitors a better understanding of certain things. Until then, enjoy the simple timeline.


This is not the end, but hopefully the beginning of a very long chart. I know we missed a lot of history, but we skipped the really boring stuff and just mentioned the stuff that effects most users now. If you have anything we may have missed that is worth mentioning, please leave a comment below. I will update the chart on a regular basis, so check back often to see the changes.

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