Technology Brand Evolutions

//Technology Brand Evolutions

Technology Brand Evolutions

In the business world you have to constantly evolve to keep up with new trends and new competition. This means your company, your staff, and your advertising campaign has to change in order to keep in the front of the pack so to speak. I have gathered the logos of some major companies of the technology world to show you just how a brand changes.

A logo change is a very important thing to do when revamping your company. You do not have to lose the theme or completely start over, but it is good to rework it to look more fluid and updated rather then tired and old. I will use Apple Computers as an example. Their first logo was monochrome and was very clutter, then it evolved to the Technicolor version that most of us grew up with, now it has a web 2.0 feel and greatly reflects their new image as a top technology provider. They kept the apple, but changed it just enough to keep up with the age.

For the first time in this blog I will feature my company as the first example because my company has evolved a lot since I first started it back in 2003. When I first started the company it was a custom “everything” company. We did computers, house stereo systems, car stereo systems, and almost anything to do with technology. A year we were established, we started doing just computers since they were the most fun. After beginning to produce our own lines of computers we created a badge to put on the case to signify it was ours so we redesigned to logo to resemble a computer case badge. We made one last change to the website color and are quite happy with the results. We may change it again, but for now we are content. You can see our logo evolution below.

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