Top 10 Ajax Scripts

//Top 10 Ajax Scripts

Top 10 Ajax Scripts

Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript + XML) is a beast of a tool and can do just about anything ranging from simulating flash to email validation. Ajax creates interactive web applications using Javascripts and HTTP requests. In this article we show your our Top 10 best Ajax scripts. We have upload files, charting scripts, and validation scripts.

We have searched the internet for the best of the best and of course we have tested these on some sites we have design as well as just for the fun of it. We have linked to the scripts website so you can download the script and get helpful tips from the creators of the scripts.

If you like what you see please comment below or if you think that we may have missed on then please leave a comment with the missing script. We would love to turn this Top 10 into a Top 20 or so. Hopefully this article helps you find that perfect Ajax script, if not then come back later to see if the list has expanded.

Enjoy our top ten Ajax scripts. We use them often with various designs and I am sure that you will use them as well.

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