Site Visitors by Browser Report

//Site Visitors by Browser Report

Site Visitors by Browser Report

Improve web design performance by checking website visitor statistics for trends on a daily basis. Adjust content to improve your web design by offering what people want but didn’t find on your website. In addition you may want to check site visitors by browser every few months to measure major browser competition and track the winners capturing market share.
Here’s the most recent stats check and site visitors by browser report for one of our older commercial websites. Expect the following visitor data to vary from site to site.
Totals by browser brand with all versions combined:
44.2% Firefox
41.4% Internet Explorer
06.6% Chrome
06.6% Safari
01.2% Opera
100.0% Total
Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) breakdown by version:
12.00% MSIE 8.0
16.80% MSIE 7.0
12.60% MSIE 6.0
The continued decline in users for Internet Explorer 6.0 from 6 months ago is good news for web developers and website owners. IE6 web design code workarounds to meet cross-browser compatibility add cost to the price of web development. Even better news: Those stats show zero visitors using versions older than IE6.
If you don’t know about checking your site in all browsers, or your designer doesn’t care, some visitors may have a bad first impression of your website. Does your web design have a disclaimer “Best viewed in [insert browser name]” on the home page? That means it may look horrible to half your visitors.
Our advice is upgrading to the latest version of whatever brand browser you use, and testing your design to the most recent of all major brands including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
Don’t want to install 5 browsers? Visit this browser simulation online tool at Their tool allows you to capture screenshots for testing all major brands including Linux, Mac, and older browsers like IE6.
Track your website visitor stats. Learn from them. Adjust content to improve site performance. However, don’t spend hours every day agonizing over short term trends. Stats tracking including site visitors by browser is a long term web design strategy.

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