Creating Meta Tag Keywords that Sell

//Creating Meta Tag Keywords that Sell

Creating Meta Tag Keywords that Sell

Anyone who has a website has surely heard the term Meta tag but not everyone understands what they are or the importance of them. Meta tags in short are keywords that identify what a person can find on your site.

In other words they identify different keywords that a web surfer might use to find your site. If someone is looking for accounting and that is one of your Meta tag keywords your site will come up in a search using that word.

You want to use as many main words as possible but not overdo it in order to increase the number of times your website comes up in a search.

Meta tag keywords are important if anyone is going to find your website. Unlike SEO they do not create any ranking with the search engines as such but rather provide a list of different words that appear on your website to identify the purpose of your website. An auto parts website might use terms like transmission, engine, battery, rebuilt engine, or used tires. You want to choose terms that are pertinent to the type of products and services you sell and not any words.

The words in your Meta tags should identify the types of services you sell where SEO keywords actually appear in the wording on the website. The actual word “accounting” may not appear on your website but it identifies the purpose of your website. On the other hand in an SEO the word accounting would actually appear somewhere on your website.

If you are not familiar with how to generate Meta Tags the internet offers a free Meta tag generator that will assist you in choosing words that are commonly used in web searches. The key is using words and phrases that the average surfer might use to find websites that offer certain products and services. The more explicit the words and phrases you use the more times your website will come up in a search.

Some people may look for secretary while others may look for typist or administrative assistant so using all of the terms on your Meta tags increases the places where your website will appear and thus the amount of traffic you will generate as a result of web searches under those terms. You can also enlist the assistance of an expert in Meta tag generation instead of attempting to do it yourself.

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