Do You Update Old Blog Posts

//Do You Update Old Blog Posts

Do You Update Old Blog Posts

A blog is a great tool for any website. It allows you to communicate with your audience easily and effectively on an ongoing basis. The design of a blog is such that it allows for contast new messages to be relayed to the reader. Yet, one mistake you can make is not going back and updating your old blog posts.

Why Bother?

With the design of a blog, it may not seem necessary to go back and update old blog posts but it can actually work for you if you do so. For example, some of your posts may be ranking well in search engine results. But, if the content is inaccurate or incomplete, it could deter readers from sticking with your website. They will simply go other places to learn what they need to know.

Further, you should go back and revise any errors or inaccuracies you find on your blog posts. Let’s say you got a quote wrong. Or, perhaps you make mistakes in the spelling of a product. These types of updates just make sense since not doing so could cause a drop in your overall credibility. It would take minutes to make these changes.

Perhaps there has been new information that has come up. New information happens every day in some industries. Rather than writing a completely new blog post, you can breathe new life into it by simply going back and updating the old information with new information.

Remember the importance of search engine ranking. If you want to keep your content fresh, you need new content on a regular basis. However, you may already have gone over some of the major points once already. Going back and updating or changing up the post will single a fresh look by the search engines.

Also important is linking with posts. Going back to your old blog posts and updating them with new links pointing to newer posts can be helpful. This is especially helpful for those who end up on your blog through search engine results pages. They can learn more easily and you can benefit from the traffic.

Do not forget about your old blog posts. If you hope to push your blog to the next level, you should focus on the aspects of improving old posts. It only takes a few minutes to do but it gives you more interest from readers. Plus, it breathes new life into good, but older, blog posts.

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