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Affiliate Internet Marketing

As part of my roadmap, monetizing the site is one of the future tasks. The plan is to focus in either items that We are using and bought through the web, that We truly feel are useful or are in a general sense well know or recognized. So far we have made a slight review of our hosting provider, to which We have joined their affiliate program, feeling that We are making a great recommendation to you all.

So, having affiliate internet marketing as one possible way to go, we went over Commission Junction and Clickbank and joined them as an affiliate. We haven’t decided what or when to promote, but the path is clear, both sites offer an enormous amount of material, and are well known affiliated networks. I also took the opportunity to go to both amazon and ebay and join their affiliate programs as well, no need to introduce both sites to you all.

The focus right now is not to make a sale, even if it would be nice to have any sale at all, but most important, to drive traffic to this humble blog. We are thinking that we are delivering an honest point of view and writing what in our eyes seems to be good content.

In a later post we will explain how We are planning to get more traffic, mostly using organic traffic strategies, that is, trying to rank in the search engines as high as possible and avoiding at the most any pay-per-click campaign, at least in this early stages of the blog life.

Making money in the Affiliate Internet Marketing Industry is a passionate topic, the motivation it generates is huge, we have an open mind and we will try to objectively evaluate our performance and try to make any adjustment along the road.

In this stage, we removed google adsense from the blog, feeling that google adsense is not the way to go, it may be in the future, but we feel that giving the visitor a chance to get out of our blog though adsense is not worth, in comparison to allow the user to go out through an affiliate link. And we are talking about the possible retribution to be gotten. While with adsence we got a paid for just the click of the end user, it is a very tiny one, in the cents range, while an affiliate link can potentially be the source of a greater income. Granted, the end user has to go all the way to the buying in the affiliate site. We feel that doing a pre-sell of the good or service can motivate the user to go to the affiliate site with an open mind. Our task is just to motivate and give the visitor enough reasons with sincere opinions of course, to at least go to the affiliate site and evaluate whatever they offer, and if the product owner indeed does the sale, we all win, The visitor got what s/he was looking for, the product/service owner got a sale and we got a commission.

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