Finding the right tools to be successful in Affiliate Internet Marketing

//Finding the right tools to be successful in Affiliate Internet Marketing

Finding the right tools to be successful in Affiliate Internet Marketing

Advancing in our trip into the affiliate internet marketing Business, We have been looking for options inside Commission Junction regarding prospect products or services. We fell that the site has tons of sparse information, not to mention the amount of advertisers and their products. Furthermore, and perhaps it is just us, but the site navigation is quite slow. Thinking ahead, we may have to look for prospect advertisers, select the product(s) to promote, after to have joined the merchant, it can be quite a time consuming task. Nevertheless if you want to be successful you have to go through this process. We though there was got to be a better way to do this assessment. In that sense, We found a few WordPress plugins that makes our lives easier with these tasks, and after to evaluate them we have selected wpCJ as our partner in selecting prospect products from Commission Junction. The recently launched plugin goes beyond its competitors by far, and the author is very much committed to it.

wpCJ installs as a WordPress Plugin, and among its features we can mention:

Easy search of advertisers, their products and services
Fast trend analysis, allowing us to select the most profitable in a period of time, or the most consistent in earnings and many more criteria.
As the promotion goes, the location of the promo code, directly from Commission Junction if you prefer to do so, goes into your page or post.
wpCJ can create up to 1000 post directly from the Product code in Commission Junction. These posts can go directly into your blog.
You can define templates and Zones if you rather have a more customized way to show the products.
The page or the post has to be updated only with a simple tag in the place where you wish to show the promotion.
The author is adding new features in a daily basis; you can enjoy most of them in the freeware version of wpCJ.
One nice value is to be able to see a demo site using the wpCJ plugin.
In summary, you will be able to find the best commission junction product for your niche, by either quantity of sales, recent or past or the most profitable according to any other criteria helping you to be successful in the Affiliate Internet Marketing Business.

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