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Referral Site Traffic

It is important to get some quality backlinks, since not many sites will be willing to provide them; we have to build them ourselves! The best way to do it is to sign up in sites with high-ranking pages, and if they are web 2.0, a lot better, you will se why soon. The idea is to build relevant content to our keywords in those sites, and of course to have a link to our main site. It could be any link, and the best links we can use, are rss links pointing to our site, in my opinion. The reason is that, every time we modify our site, the site having our rss gets modified, at least from a logical point of view, and engines grants higher ranking to those pages updated on a regular basis! It is a win-win situation, the more we modify our site, the better for our referral sites and the better for the referral sites, the best for us, having a link to our main site there. Before to continue, we have to talk about follow pages and no-follow pages. As you know, search engines crawl sites from time to time, indexing them and granting ranking for every site they find. When they find a link, they always go to wherever the link takes them, giving credit for the ranking of the linked to page, only if the linking page has a follow tag, well, actually the truth is, that if the linking page doesn’t have the no-follow tag, credits is granted. Some of the sites we are planning to use have no-follow tagged pages or allow the follow tag once you build enough content inside of them. For the sake of our discussion, we would love to have a follow tagged page, but in this stage, we are interested in the traffic it will produce at least, for now. Last but not least, this external pages can have links pointing to each other, within the same site, or even across all the sites, so, we have an extra way to improve the ranking of those pages, and perhaps to insert a sale opportunity in them as well. Examples of those sites are squidoo, hubpages, blogspot to name a few. Just join them and read their term of services. Other sites like forums are important also, we will contribute to the content of those communities, and most important, without spamming them, we will set a link at the appropriated moment, for example, when we are contributing to an interesting topic we can have our link set in the signature file. As always, we have to comply with those sites terms of service. A suitable alternative for links in a signature file is to link to our friendfeed link, and inside of it, we can have links for wherever we want to.

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