When Should You Redesign Your Website

//When Should You Redesign Your Website

When Should You Redesign Your Website

Within seconds of visiting your website, surfers will start making assumptions about your organization. Most likely they will immediately move on to other websites if they do not find your website attractive. So what makes the surfer decide within those few seconds whether your website is worth their precious time? Are you sure your website has all the relevant information about you or your business? Is it high time that you redesign your website?
It is usual for all business entrepreneurs to neglect their corporate website in the hustle bustle of other business activities. It is not enough just to have some random information and few contact phone numbers. These days, to stay ahead of the competition; you need to pull your customers with interesting website designs. This will not only attract the first timers but also make them visit again and again.
Here is a checklist to help you evaluate and then decide if it is time to consider website redesigning. If your website
1. Does not go along with your current business goals and strategies?
2. does not complement you’re online and offline marketing efforts?
3. Is constructed with entirely static content like HTML instead of CSS and XHTML?
4. Contains typing mistakes and broken links.
5. is difficult to read due to font size, color and style?
6. Has outdated information?
7. Is jumbled up with flashing images, graphics and content?
8. Does not display properly in all the web browsers specially the latest ones like Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox. (Trivia: currently there are 40 different web browsers) ?
9. Has a high visitor bounce rate i.e. visitors click your site but leave immediately?
10. Is not ranked in Google or other search engines?
11. Is not updated with blogs, news releases, newsletters, video and white papers?
12. is not friendly for those who have physical disabilities?
13. is hard to navigate?
14. Does not generate PPC leads?
If any of the above points holds true, it is highly recommended that you immediately consider redesigning your website.
Now, once you know that your website requires redesigning there are many web designing companies offering expert solutions. Most of them offer web designing services at a very nominal rate. Since they are well aware of latest market trends they can quickly offer you smart tips like adding little gadgets to your website like contact forms, guestbooks and other interactive scripts. These gadgets are lightweight for your website and at the same time really helpful in getting regular customer feedback. They not only hold customer’s attention but using them you can know where you need to improve and what you are doing right.
Once your website is redesigned you can easily see the difference it makes on your business in terms of sales and reputation in the market.

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