About .NET Web Hosting

More and more webmasters are becoming interested in what .Net web hosting has to offer. With .Net, it is much easier to develop and manage websites because it helps to cut back on the amount of coding that is needed. While some webmasters will never look into .Net web hosting, there are others that feel […]

SEO Terms and Definitions

SEO – generally means “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” Rank – a website page’s position in the free search engine results for a particular search term. The search term is the fundamental point here since the concept of rank is relative to a search term and is pretty meaningless in this context otherwise ie. a […]

MooTools – Creating a New Class

Here is a template for a new class: var AjaxModalPanel = new Class({ Implements: [Options, Events], options: {}, initialize: function(){} }); Implements: [Options, Events] The class implements the MooTools Options class since any class that is to be used more than once and has features that could be customized is going to need to offer options. The […]

JSF and the Unified Expression Language (EL)

The expression language (EL) was introduced as part of the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) version 1.0 as a simple way to access external data objects ie. JavaBeans. ${employee.name} this expression calls the getName method of the employee JavaBean. The expression language greatly reduced scripting in JSPs, flattened the learning curve for front-end development […]

JSF and Facelets

Facelets Facelets is a templating language developed, with JavaServer Faces (JSF) in mind, to address alot of the issues that have arisen when trying to use JSF with JavaServer Pages (JSP). These issues exist because JSP and JSF dont complement each other very well Facelets provides – templating, code resue, easier development – it promotes […]

Introduction to JProfiler

There are basically 3 types of profiling: time – measures the execution paths of your application on the method level space – gives you insight into the development of the heap, such as which methods allocate most memory thread – these analyze thread synchronization issues Some traditional profilers dump their profiling data after the application exits. JProfiler is […]

Dependency Injection

Inversion of control – IoC – is a concept, and an associated set of programming techniques. In the traditional interaction model of an application, the programmer specifies a series of events to happen by making a series of function calls. eg. a programme which takes a name from the command line and displays it back would follow this model, […]

All About Filters

Filters are java components you can use to intercept and process requests before they are sent to the servlet, or to process responses after the servlet has completed (before the response is sent to the client). They are one of the most powerful tools you can use in a web application and are well-suited to […]

Use Google Adsense and WordPress

WordPress makes a good basis for a new online company that uses Google Adsense because it makes it easy to earn money online. WordPress is a combination of a Content Management System and a platofrm from which you can start a blog. WordPress makes it quick and simple to manage the contents of your blog […]