Earn Money On The Internet

Making Lots Of Money From Your Blog

Want to earn money on the internet? Let me ask you one questin: Do the words blog, web log, or online diary sound familiar to you? You have likely encountered these terms many thousands of times over the last five years.

While you may see how quickly blogging gets you indexed on the popular search engines, you may never have fully appreciated how much money a blog can earn. Your share is just waiting for you to claim it and earn money on the internet.

Blogging isn’t new, but it’s only recently that businesses online became as aware as traditional marketers of the power of a blog to earn money on the internet.

When you have a hosted domain able to use cPanel or Fantastic, a few clicks of the mouse can use WordPress to make your pages with ease. You can also find free or very inexpensive blog sites. Three sites considered among the best are Google’s Blogger, and Moveable Type and WordPress.

The easiest to get started and set up would have to be Blogger.com, since they are not only free, but they have a very simple step by step process for creating your blog. The only downside to Blogger is that the features that they offer are very limited. Google owns Blogger, allowing easy access to Google’s features with a Blogger site.
By inserting Google Adsense into the blog, you have started on the most common way to earn money on the internet from your blog. Blogger simplifies this already easy process. Yahoo, Chitika, Kanoodle, and other contextual advertisements, as well as affiliate links, can also be easily inserted.

You can also use your blog to provide links to your other websites. Adding more back links to your webiste will improve your rank for the keywords you want to promote. You will also have to setup the proper keyword anchor links in your blog and on the pages of your websites that the links are pointing to.

Let’s look at a summary of what needs to be done in order to take advantage of blogging and to earn money on the internet.

You have to have a blog, of course, but that’s as easy as getting an account on one of the services such as Blogger.

Once you have your blog setup, it’s time to start monetizing it by adding in contextual advertising such as Google Adsense and or affiliate links to earn money on the internet. Now add in some targeted mentioned earlier or create a blog on your own domain name & web hosting keyword anchor links that point back to your other websites.

To maintain your blog, add a new post every few days and ping after each addition. You send the pings to make certain that search engines stay informed of your blog’s new content. The search engines will come to crawl your blog and start indexing your new content and follow all those targeted links that point back to your other websites. Do you see where the power of blogging can come from and how to earn money on the internet?
You will receive the rewards of blogging ad earn money on the internet as long as you maintain your blog and post on a regular basis.

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