PHP Programmers and Their Opportunities in the Domain of Web Application

PHP is server side scripting language mainly executed in server and generates HTML codes in client machines. PHP programming offers a wide range of tools and techniques to play with for the PHP programmer. Instead of massive chunk of codes, a coder needs to write less numbers of codes to achieve the desired result. Now, more than 70 percent of websites and web applications are running on PHP codes because it provides the PHP developers flexibility and ease of generating unique codes which cater to the client’s requirement.

But what is the basic difference of PHP with other languages like C or Pearl and what is the prime advantage of PHP development? The answer is very simple and interesting too. This language generates HTML codes and sends it to the client machine, so the client hardly understands what the true identity of underlying codes.

Rasmus Lerdorf, in 1995 created this unique and user friendly language and it is absolutely free to use, that is why it is installed in more than 20 million websites along with 1 million web servers. But the most interesting part of PHP is its custom PHP programming, mainly used for small and large scale business worldwide. It is nothing but a superior quality object oriented general PHP coding, which are very much effective in the process of finding out security hole and bugs. PHP web developer generates advance PHP programming therefore effectively handle unconventional web approaches.

Now-a-days, Most of the software companies are leaning towards PHP and concentrate on generating reliable PHP programmer by focusing on proper education and training. This server side scripting language will overshadow languages like JAVA, DOT NET, C#, Pearl for as it acts as a filter by taking text and PHP codes as an input and generates different stream of data as output.




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