Regatta Jackets – The 3 in 1 Is A Must Have

Regatta 3 in 1 is a must have for this summer, whether you are going to spend a weekend fishing or you are going on treks or even if you are simply planning to enjoy the great outdoors. This is a perfect apparel for those who wants both comfort and style at the at same time and is not ready to compromise with any of them. Regatta Jackets are something in between a jumper and coat for those who neither want a jumper nor a coat.

As the name suggests it can be worn in three different ways. The jacket is waterproof and has a concealed hood, it also has thermal fleece zipped in which can be removed from the jacket and work alone on slightly warmer days. The jacket has two lower pockets, zipped hand warmers, map and mobile phone holding pocket, which makes it very thoughtfully made useful apparel. The adjustable cuffs and concealed zip makes it an easy to wear and suitable item for all. The zipped chest pocket is ideal to keep money and valuables and hence, the wearer need not carry a purse.

The best part is that Regatta jackets are available for both men and women. They can be worn in different styles based on the occasion or activity. Women can wear them with a long sleeved t-shirt, boots and jeans to get a casual look. Pair it with wellies if you are planning to go on muddy fields and for crossing the streams for

Adventure. Regatta apparels especially jackets, which are available for men comes in different beautiful colors and they can be worn with jeans or tracksuits bottoms to get the right style and comfort for men.

For walking in the parks, men can wear this with trainers and if they are thinking of waking long distance, they can use walking shoes, which would provide comfort. In order to get the perfect casual evening look wear it with smart jeans and shoes. Keep in mind to use the warm fleece, which would give a sense of individual styling, this is also a better alternative for the traditional looking sweater.

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