Satellite Phones and Cell Phones: A Comparative Study

With satellite phones around, connectivity problems can never be an issue. As a matter of fact, overseas cruises today are virtually unimaginable without satellite phones. Like cell phones, satellite phones also depend mainly on radio waves for signaling. However, the prime difference between cell phones and their satellite counterparts lies in the fact that while the former uses cell towers for transmission of signals, the latter connects to satellites directly. The question now is, why use a satellite telephone when cell phones give you an all round connectivity? If you, for instance, are a resident of U.K and use a mobile phone uk then you can make calls only within the network range of your carrier. However, with sat phones, you can communicate with people even from a remote area like a jungle, mountain or sea where normal cell phone towers are virtually non-existent.

Construction of cell phone towers is an expensive process. This is the prime reason why they are not erected in places where terrains are rough and human population scarce. As compared to the cost of constructing a cell phone tower, putting up a satellite telephone network fares way cheaper. A majority of such devices rely on Low Earth Orbit or LEO to offer an extensive coverage. Keeping such considerations in mind, let us now discuss the comparative advantages enjoyed by satellite phones over their cellular counterparts.

In the first place, satellite telephone gives you faster connectivity like telephone systems sydney. Since they rely primarily on satellites to receive and transmit signals, their connectivity is anything but slow. However, one major drawback here is you just cannot make the satellite telephone function properly under a cloudy sky. There are several brands for sat phones available in the market today. Of them, Globestar and Iridium has gained widespread popularity owing to their quick connectivity.

With sat phones, you can avail more or less the same range of facilities that you are so used to in a cell phone. This includes web surfing, short messaging service, voice etc.

With advancement of technology, sat phones have shrunk considerably in size. The modern versions are designed specifically to fit a number of purposes such as vehicular, marine, aviation etc.

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