Tips to Convert a Normal Website into a Mobile Website

Website to mobile website conversion is not a difficult process as some people may think of. With the help of mobile website builder tools, a website can be easily converted into mobile compatible one. At first, it is necessary to find the best mobile website builder for the conversion procedure.

Going mobile with website does not necessarily mean that inner contents should be chopped off. There need not have to be any loss in revenue earning from highlighted ads. This is a major concern for content based sites. It is always recommended to stay away from JavaScript for the conversion process. There are a whole lot of mobile devices that does not support JavaScript.

So, look for something more compatible and effective. Recently, Google AdSense has come with the policy of doing away with their ads tailored specifically for mobile devices. For high end mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry, and Galaxy series, generating ad code can be done using the Google AdSense. Although AdSense uses JavaScript for delivering images, rich media ads, and text, but it is perfect for developing sites entitled to be displayed in high-end mobile devices. The user can use these ad codes for a wide range of ad formats on different platforms.

Placing the ad properly is extremely crucial. If the webpage content is crowded with ads, then Google will provide poor ranking when the site is listed in search engine. Hence, it is always recommended to place the ads in the top right corner of the website. The ads can be also placed at the extreme bottom of the content page. When converting the normal website to mobile website, there will never be any use of tables. There will be only one column (vertically aligned) for the content. Hence, it is highly recommended to place the ad at bottom of the page (after the content ends).

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