Use Google Adsense and WordPress

WordPress makes a good basis for a new online company that uses Google Adsense because it makes it easy to earn money online.

WordPress is a combination of a Content Management System and a platofrm from which you can start a blog. WordPress makes it quick and simple to manage the contents of your blog and other sites.

WordPress has an administration panel known as ‘dashboard’ which allows you to write and manage posts and pages in a simple word processor like fashion. You can manage categories and every other part of your site with dashboard.
The really great thing about using WordPress as a basis for your Adsense (#1 way to earn money online) website is how customizable it is. Among the many thousand templates or “themes” readily available to WordPress users are quite a few with Adsense blocks optimize to increase your click through rates. Simply select a theme that is Adsense ready from the thousands readily available, upload it to your server, and you have created an Adsense website quickly and easily to earn money online. You can use the time you save this way to create high quality content for your website and earn money online.

WordPress contains a selection of templates (one of the absolute best ways to earn money online) that include Adsense ad and link units that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to give your site the best possible ranking, by maximizing the attractiveness of your site and all of its pages to search engine spiders.

Each new entry you post will generate an alert “ping” from WordPress using pingomatic. This alerts the search engines to the fact that you have created new content and tells them to send the search engine spiders out to index your site. RSS feeds and sitemaps can also be generated automatically which multiplies the power of your money
making ideas.

Because WordPress serves as a blogging platform, this functionality makes it simple for visitors to post comments on any article you write. Site “stickiness” is encouraged with this sort of user interaction. While it is easy to overlook it, allowing comments increases your site content each time one is posted giving you the possibility to earn money online even more.

It’s easy and quick to install plugins that bring many extra functions to your site, and thousands of plugins are available for WordPress users. One super-useful plugin for affiliate marketers automatically turns words into links. The plugin affiliate marketers may love the most creates links from words completely automatically. Just decide on a list of words and connect them to the links you want them associated with.

WordPress is the Adsense and affiliate webmasters best friend and the best way to earn money online!
Blogging plus Google Adsense is one of the simplest ways to earn money online. However, simple is not always easy but with The New Adsense Inbox, blogging is now incredibly simple, easy and more profitable than ever!

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